November 2nd, 2012

tony stark

(no subject)

My heart is so heavy right now and I am just crushingly disappointed.

I finished my first cycle of Clomid the other day. We're just waiting for ovulation, but as of this afternoon, we know it really doesn't matter. We got the results of Zach's semen analysis back. My doctor is (sadly) confident in the accuracy of the results.

Zach's sperm are unable to penetrate my eggs. There is nothing we can do to fix it. The only way Zach and I will be able to have a child that is biologically ours is to undergo IVF and ICSE.

No medicine, no lifestyle change will fix his sperm. There is literally nothing we can do but start saving our money and looking into grants, because the procedure and drugs for harvesting my eggs will run somewhere around 12 thousand dollars.

This hurts so much more than I ever could have guessed.