October 21st, 2012


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So I realize I mainly use this for bitching about my ladybits (and I know that must get old). It occurred to me earlier that I've kind of withdrawn from a lot of my friends lately-especially the ones I would talk to about this. I realize it's probably because talking about all this in person with Alex or Naomi would end in gross sobbing. I kind of feel bad about it though, because I haven't kept in touch with them very well over the last few months because of all this.

I'm starting Clomid Thursday. I had really high hopes this cycle-I knew for a fact that I ovulated while we were in new york for Taryn's wedding so we did the whole "yay we're in a hotel and I'm ovulating" marathon, and all I got was a UTI. Sheesh. I had so dearly hoped to be able to announce a pregnancy to my family at Christmas. I'd feel way more comfortable hearing a heartbeat before telling anyone in our immediate family (and 12 weeks before a facenook announcement to everyone else) and even if this cycle with clomid works, I wouldn't hear a heartbeat before Christmas. Maybe valentines day, I guess.