July 13th, 2012

tony stark

...cheesy petes

It's been a hell of a fortnight.

Tuesday the 3rd I went to the ER in severe pain at 3 in the morning~not kidney stone level, but pretty close. They ran some bloodwork and my liver functions weren't what they should have been (close though) and my white count was pretty high. They did a CT scan and it showed that my liver was swollen. So the doctor comes in for about 30 seconds, says "You've got a virus and it's making your liver inflamed, here's a prescription for pain, follow up with your general practitioner, come back if it gets worse before your appointment" and left.

So that scared me, because swelling+liver=hepatitis, sometimes mono. And yeah, there's 5 types of hepatitis, but they're all awful and a scary thing to deal with when my job involves small kids. Made a follow up with my doctor (couldn't get me in til Monday the 9th), took my drugs, and called off work for the week (which was WAY less than ideal because Kelli was getting induced Friday the 6th).

Pain came back just as bad Friday, so back to the ER we went. Different doctor this time, re-draws and tests my bloods again. Liver functions look fine, white count only SLIGHTLY elevated. She apologized for the previous doctor scaring the hell out of me unnecessarily, and told me she suspected it was my gallbladder causing the problem, and sent me home.

Follow up with my doctor, he agrees it sounded like a gallbladder problem~most likely, I passed 2 stones (one for each ER visit because of the amount of pain) and ordered an ultrasound. Luckily, the ultrasound didn't show any remaining stones or sludge, so it looks as if I'll be keeping my gallbladder, so that's very very good. I need to change my diet and do my very damn best to prevent any more, because 1-previous stones, kidney or otherwise, increase risk and 2-pregnancy can increase risk.  The idea of getting another stone while pregnant when they can't pump me full of the good stuff is terrifying.

Since I had that week off sick and this one off because KELLI HAD HER BABY (a beautiful darling girl named Lillian Katherine), we decided to go to Tennessee to visit my grandpa and my grandmother and aunt. My aunt has terminal cancer and has somewhere between 3 and 5 months to live, but she seemed to be in really good spirits. She's doing things her way now~they didn't catch the cancer until she was stage 4 already, and she went through a couple rounds of chemo that did nothing but make her feel like shit. So now she's just doing palliative care to make sure she's comfortable and she did a 4,000 mile road trip to visit all her grandkids and have some good times with them while she could.

Grandpa is still outrageous and pervy. Partly because he's 89, partly because he's always been...well, he calls it "a flirt", but it's really sexual harassment. He openly ogles any woman he sees, says completely inappropriate things (like commenting out loud on a random woman's body or outfit, ie "lookit them LEGS!" or "Lookit that back end in the shorts!") and enjoys pinching butts.

We passed a family in the Wal-Mart with a tall husband, average kids, and a woman who was a little person. Grandpa just stared and then said "That man married a midget! That SCOUNDREL!"

I baked him a pie and then cleaned out his fridge~he'll put leftovers or whatever in the fridge and then not eat them, so things go bad and he just waits for his home care aide to take care of it. Ugh.

So yeah. I go back to work after this weekend, SO HAPPY. Very excited to meet Lily and I really miss Ali and Ben.