June 17th, 2012

tony stark

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I was still kind of having a rough day today~when I called my dad for father's day, we had a nice chat, and then he told me that the Crazy Cousin had her baby day before yesterday. That on top of being in the 2 week wait and Heidi's news have just kind of had me bummed out all day, and I spent most of the day in the kitchen making meatballs.

But then my phone rang~and I almost didn't answer it, because I didn't really want to talk, but it was Alex, and she's one of my RL friends who is in the loop on the issues we've been having, and I thought it might help. So I answer, and I hear a giggle, and a quiet "Hi Manders. You're pretty cute!" It was her son, Sam! She mentioned wanting to call me, and he wanted to do it and talk to me first~when she asked him what he was going to say to me, he said "I'm going to tell her she's pretty cute". (he also wanted to call his great grandma and tell her to dye her hair, lol). So I talked to Sam for a couple minutes about his day and their new kittens, and he really perked my day up. Then I talked to Alex for a while, and she and John are hoping to make a long weekend trip out here sometime before the end of the year. Which makes me incredibly happy, because I love them to bits, and it makes me sad that we live so far apart. Then they tried to bribe us into coming to their house for Christmas, which actually would be pretty cool, but we see my family so infrequently that it's not really an option.

But yeah; I was in a really mopey mood, and a phone call from an almost-5 year old really helped. Because, worst-case scenario being we just can't have our own, I've got the nanny kids who adore me and I've got Sam. Who wanted to call me to tell me I'm "pretty cute!"