March 12th, 2012

oh fuck

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Oh hell. I may have broken Ben's foot in the recliner today. Pinched it really hard in the hinge, broke the skin, immediate swelling and bruising. Called Chris, he had me take Ben to the Dr after I picked Ali up from her school. He met us there right as the Dr was finishing up, so I brought Ali home and Chris stayed to get Ben's foot x-rayed. They should be home in a few hours, but the sooner the better. Hopefully because sooner means there's no break and no need for a cast or anything.

It was an accident, but had I checked to see where his legs were before putting the footrest down (we were snuggling on the loveseat) he wouldn't have gotten pinched. I feel awful about it, but Chris said he knew when he was carrying the new furniture inside one of the kids was gonna get hurt on it. He's just happy nothing got severed.

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Great news! Ben's not broken. He's got a lot of swelling and bruising, and the doctor said it may take 2 weeks or so to fully heal, but he doesn't need to stay off it or anything. He has to take motrin 3 times a day to help with swelling and pain, but he can do whatever he feels comfortable doing activity wise.