shippygrl (shippygrl) wrote,

dodged a huge and scary bullet

I had my post-op follow up today with Dr. O. She was almost an hour late because she was delivering a baby~that's totally cool though, obviously birthing babies takes precedent.

So she came in with a bunch of papers. They ran some lab work and a biopsy on the polyp they removed from me, and it came back abnormal. She described it as a time-line~one end is normal, one end is cancer, and my level of abnormality was about a third of the way down the line.

For a second I thought I was going to throw up. The possibility that it could have been cancerous was one that I had practically IMMEDIATELY discounted, because I thought if anything way going to be bad, it would have been the cysts. All the abnormal cells were confined to the polyp though, and weren't found in any of the other endometrial tissue they removed.

I can't think of the right adjective to describe my mood right now. I'm thankful and grateful and relieved, but that was a seriously frightening moment, and it's still frightening. All I can think right now is that if I HADN'T been as pushy about seeing a doctor for the fertility issues when I did~if I had waited until we tried another 6 months or a year~I could be looking at a complete hysterectomy and cancer treatments instead of planning our next step to getting pregnant.

It's overwhelming.

My dad brought paperwork from 2 of his sisters to give to my doctor, in case she thought they had any benefit to the medical history she has on me. Aunt Cyn had a radical hysterectomy after an abnormal pap, because she wasn't going to be having kids and didn't want the possibility of gynecological cancer. Aunt Shirlee died from uterine cancer that spread to other reproductive organs. And my grandma on that side had uterine cancer as well.

Dr. O. was VERY glad I brought her all that in light of the abnormal polyp. Because of the history, she ordered a genetic test for something called Lynch Syndrome~it greatly increases the risk for certain cancers (and at an earlier age than the general population), including colon and gynecological. It's something (especially with a family history of gynecological cancers) they take very seriously at their practice, because Dr. Russell's first husband had it, and died of colon cancer at 30. It was easy, it uses mouthwash you spit into a tube to collect cells from your mouth, then the testing company uses the cells to see if you're a carrier of that specific gene. So I should be getting results back from that in 10 days or so.

She gave me a referral for Zach to go get his semen checked out~if his come back normal, we'll be starting Clomid in November most likely. This cycle is all screwed up because of the surgery, so I have no way of predicting if my period will arrive on schedule or a week or so late.

I have no idea what to do with my day now. I can't even adequately describe how I'm feeling.
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