shippygrl (shippygrl) wrote,

Surgery went well. Mom and dad took us out to dinner last night and met us at the hospital this morning. I was already in a pre op room in a gown and everything so daddy stayed in the waiting room because he really hates hospitals, but mom came back and chatted with me and zach. She and daddy stayed with zach until I was in a recovery room, then mom popped in to say goodbye. They assumed I'd sleep the rest of the day so they went and looked at some architecture downtown, they are gonna come over tomorrow a little after lunchtime. I wish they'd spend more time here at home with us, but they're gonna spend a couple hours at the art museum in the morning. It's an amazing museum, so I don't blame them, lol. Just wish I was feeling good enough to go too!

Mom was shocked I was awake and coherent this evening. They really expected I'd come home and sleep until tomorrow morning.

I'm not in any real pain. It's controllable with aleve, mainly just like bad period cramps. TMI, but the worst part is not being able to use a tampon. I detest pads, but that's all I can use for the next 3 to 7 days or until the bleeding stops. I also can't shower until tomorrow, and I smell like hospital.

I'm hoping so much that this is all it takes for us to be able to conceive. This cycle is a wash, since I cant have sex for 2 weeks, but there's always the chance that October could be our lucky month and I'll have a wonderful announcement at Christmas.

Ok. Going to sleep the rest of the anesthesia off. Thank you all for your positive thoughts.
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