shippygrl (shippygrl) wrote,

The hsg. My lord, that was pretty awful.

So. I get to the hospital early to do my preop history and bloodwork for next Friday, and mention I have an hsg to get to. The woman handling my forms questions and seems shocked that I wasn't given any kind of muscle relaxer to take before arriving. I figure I'll ask about it when I get up to imaging. Once they take me back for the hsg, I askthe nurse about it. "Oh, we don't do that, because you need to be able to follow directions and move where the doctor tells you." So, knowing that this can be pretty painful and knowing I wont have any kind of pain relief is bothersome. I get into a gown and they take me to the xray room. Obviously, there's no stirrups, so I've got to keep my legs and knees where the belong while ignoring the fact that 2 of the 3 people in the room are complete strangers. Doctor O was very good about explaining everything while she was doing it-the speculum goes in, followed by a catheter up into the cervix. Contrast dye is pumped up through the catheter, then my cervix is clamped shut around the catheter so the dye can only go up through my fallopian tubes. It hurt SO much, but it was like, a sharp, sudden pain that is over quickly and fades into a crampy pain. I was very good about not cursing, but I did flinch and yell "Jesus Christ!" There were a few tears, but I held it together. After the dye is in, I had to slide up the table and they took some xrays, then she removed the clamp and the catheter. They had me sit up and things just felt kind of gross, and the nurse told me that the dye would work its way out over the rest of the day and not to worry if there was some bleeding. She asked if I could stand up and get off the table, and I told her I had a feeling that everything was going to fall out if I did. she said that was a normal feeling, but not to worry, because it didn't usually ever happen. So I stood up, and whooosh. She had her back turned once I was on my feet, and was saying how she'd help me back to the changing area (which was through the waiting room!) so I told her I couldn't do that~because the contrast fluid mixed with what looked like a lot of blood was all down my leg, on the gown I was wearing, and on the floor. I had a little freakout over the sight of it, because it looked like a lot, but I gues it was mainly just the contrast solution. She took my locker key and got my clothes for me and I stayed in the little handicapped bathroom just off the xray room to get cleaned up. It was pretty humiliating, and I know it's their job nd they've seen it all, but I was just like, "Sorry for bleeding all over your floor." So I got cleaned up and had a lttle cry and then went back out.

The test was sucessful though! She got a better view of things for my surgery Friday, and it showed that my fallopian tubes are open and clear of any debris. So while I hope I never have to have another HSG done, it was worth it to find out that my tubes are fully functional.
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