shippygrl (shippygrl) wrote,

...damn it.

I was going a bit crazy, because my ultrasounds STILL haven't been looked at so I don't have results about that. So I was going a bit nutty over things I COULD control; rearranging the living room, finding a dress for Taryn's wedding, etc. Found a dress, actually, but they were out of stock in the size I need locally, so Mom ordered it from her local Dillard's in NC. It arrived today, but was the wrong size~the size that I tried on locally and was way too big. So I called her up to let her know I was going to take it in and exchange it, and she let me know my Aunt Margaret died sometimes last night or this morning

My Aunt Margaret died from lymphoma this morning in her sleep . In accordance with her wishes, there will be no funeral. Possibly there will be a memorial type service in the spring.

My doctor called while I was in the middle of typing the above strike-though. I have cysts on my left ovary and a polyp in my uterus. The polyp will be removed sometime in the next few weeks, and they'll get a better look at my ovary and assess whether that needs to come out, if they can just remove the cysts, or if it's ok to just leave it be. Since my insurance it stupid and doesn't cover any infertility-specific testings, instead of looking at my fallopian tubes at the same time as the surgery using contrast and a camera scope, they'll do the HSG a few days beforehand and say it's to get a better look at the polyp and lay of the land before the procedure.

When it rains, it pours. I wish it were raining good things instead.
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