shippygrl (shippygrl) wrote,

My first infertility consult

I had my infertility appointment this morning. I took my charts I've been keeping since March, and she was pretty surprised to see how prepared I was. My ob/gyn says that based on them, she's confident that I'm ovulating normally. My cycle is slightly irregular, but not enough to indicate any kind of issue on that front. Which is good, but also not so much, because that'd really be the easiest thing to fix.

On Tuesday, I go in to have the creepy probey transvaginal ultrasound to check for polyps and fibroids. I think that also checks for issues on the ovaries too. She also wants me to come in on day 2 or 3 of my period for some bloodwork to look at hormone levels.

If the ultrasound and bloodwork come back normal (or even if the ultrasound shows something wrong) I'll then have the HSG done. The HSG kind of scares me~I know the ultrasound is gonna be quite uncomfortable, but the HSG test consists of pumping contrast solution into my ladybits and taking an x-ray. It checks to see if my fallopian tubes are closed or blocked, and makes you pretty crampy and and stuff for a while afterwards. If the ultrasound and the HSG don't show anything, Zach will have his swimmers checked out. If THAT all comes back normal, my doctor says then she'll put me on Clomid~because if there's nothing physically wrong, making me ovulate more than one egg will up my odds that SOMETHING will get fertilized.

Of course, if the ultrasound shows fibroids or polyps or anything hinky, those will have to be removed laproscopically, but she said we can keep trying without added intervention after that heals.

Ironically enough, she's going on maternity leave in a couple weeks, so she's handing my file over to one of the two doctors in the practice with her. They seem to be just as friendly and dedicated to their job as she is~they're actually the ones she's been seeing, and will be delivering her baby. So I'm not too worried about getting thrown to a new doctor.

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