shippygrl (shippygrl) wrote,

Irritated with Zach, bah. Had he not gotten his truck last year (with its horrible payment of 450 a month) we wouldn't be so strapped for money. Also not helping our financial situation is that we spent the last year pretty much supporting his sister. She paid her own gas and school and such, but groceries and stuff like cat food and litter (that we'd need anyway, but now go through twice as fast) has been on us because she wasn't able (or willing to fight to) get out of her lease back in Iowa. Luckily, July was the last month she had to pay, so she SHOULD be pitching in about 400 bucks a month now, which will definitely help out.

It's just irritating, because he got that truck against my better judgment. Was all "we can still save!" about it, only NOT. Because his promotion ended his overtime pay since he got put on salary. So less money, more expensive truck payment, and feeding 3 adults instead of 2.

I'm also kind of moody hormone-wise, so I'm grouchy anyway. My infertility appointment is in a week, and that's weighing on me pretty heavily. While it ended up being for the best that we didn't get pregnant right away, I've still had some pretty crushing disappointment every month. It didn't help that Zach (rather flippantly) said "Well, I guess it's good we didn't get pregnant earlier!" Because while I understand and agree, it didn't need to be said, and it definitely didn't need to be said in the completely insensitive way he said it.

...and this all got me going tonight because even though we've known about it for months (and I've reminded him often) he still seems surprised at how soon Taryn's wedding is coming up, and the cost of all of it. The driving, the hotel, the presents. I picked a gift from her registry and some lingerie, left it up on my laptop, and told Zach to check it out for his approval, price wise. I left it up for like, 3 days. Asked him, "ok? when can I order it?" and he replied with "next weekend" (this weekend now). I double checked with him again tonight, and he's like, "order what?" He didn't even look! Now he's stewing, like this is coming out of nowhere and he had no clue any of this was coming up. LAME. He just doesn't pay attention when I tell him stuff~or he does, but he doesn't retain ANY of it. He forgets conversations or just doesn't actively listen, so things go in one ear and out the other. It's not a physical or mental problem. He's just careless.

Ugh. Ignore this. I'm being grouchy and he's being a stereotypical guy and it doesn't make for painting either of us in the best light.


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